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Stuart, Florida
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 23,2015

    Summer Sails, Mahi, Cobia

    Wow what a beautiful 3 days of fishing aboard the Wet-n-Wild with Capt Darin Cobb. We had a group from Vero Beach that caught Sails, Cobia and Mahi on Saturday and Sunday. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 23,2015

    Cobia and Blackfin Tuna

    On Wednesday we had a half day charter, but they where having so much fun they decided to make it a full day. They left the dock at 8 am and head out for cobia. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 22,2015

    1/2 day fishing

    It's been a busy week on the Wet-n-Wild. After our 2 day trip tp the Bahamas we had 3 half day trips and then on Thursday we are headed back to the Bahams. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 20,2015

    Bahama time

    The Wet-n-Wild with Capt Pat Price and his charter had a successful two day Bahama trip over the weekend.  Day one was spent looking for birds and even though the Tuna’s seemed to be absent the crew managed to come home with some Blackfin and Skipjacks. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Mar 16,2015

    Mahi Maddness on the Wet-n-Wild

    Wet-n-Wild had two great days of fishing out of Stuart with Captains Rizzo and Reese and Mate Nick.  Saturday's catch included ten Mahi's, and one Bonita. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Mar 11,2015

    Mahi Off the Hook for the Dunard Family

    It was a slow start this morning but eventually picked up and turned out to be an epic day.  We started with two gafer Mahi's and then had a triple header for a total of five and ended the day with a total of nine. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Mar 04,2015

    Full day charter

    Got a call at 6:30 in the morning for a full day fishing trip. We made it happen. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 26,2015

    Mahi, Mahi and Mahi

    Wet-n-Wild had a full day charter yesterday. Larry and Jerry had an awesome day catching 15 Mahi's and letting alot go. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 10,2014

    Grand Cay Adventure

    The Wet-n-Wild had a two day charter to Grand Cay Bahamas.  Despite the slow fishing conditions experienced by most of the boats in the area, the charter managed to catch seven gaffer Mahi's, one Wahoo, eight Blackfin Tuna's, three Yellow Eyed Snappers, one Yellowedge Grouper and one Mystic Grouper weighing in at 60 + lbs. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 10,2014

    Bahamas Fishing Frenzy

    The Wet-n-Wild had a great eastside Gulfstream trip, a.k. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 28,2014

    Mahi's and Sails in Stuart

    What a great weeknd of fishing for our 1/2 day charters. There where plenty fo Mahi and a few Sails to be found. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 18,2014

    Fishing in Stuart is good

    Fishing has contuniued to be good this week. We did two 1/2 charters this week and went 1 for 2 on sails. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 14,2014

    The bite is ON in Stuart, FL

    The fishing bite continued to be great today for both charter groups.  The morning charter were two for three on Sails, a 15lb Blackfin, and five Mahi. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 14,2014

    April fishing on the Treasure Coast is Heating up.

    The Wet-n-Wild had great fishing on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the 1/2 day charter had lots of Bonito bites and caught 3 Mahi's. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 24,2014

    Mahi's are showing up in STuart

    We had a great group from NY on Friday. Mr Martens and his two friends where treated to nice weather and good fishing aboard the Wet-n-Wild. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 02,2014

    Sunday Funday in Stuart

    Today was a 1/2 day charter with Capt Vj Bell at the helm. We had a couple and their daughter from Atlanta, GA. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 23,2014

    Sails and Celebrities in Stuart

    At the last mintue on Tuesday night I booked a 1/2 day charter for Wednesday.  I scrambled to find a captain and mate to fish, Capt Randy Turner (RT) was available to run the boat and he signed up Capt Scott Fawcett to mate. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 06,2014

    Mahi's and Sailfish

    Wet-n-Wild had a great day of fishing off of Stuart today.  It was a foggy morning but we still went offshore to find Sails and Mahi's. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 03,2014

    Sails in Stuart

    We had the same group for charters on Thursday and Friday.  Thursdays conditions where good, we saw plenty of Sailfish behind the Wet-n-Wild, 12 total. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 02,2014

    Happy New Year

    Hello friends, thanks for a great first season here in Stuart Fl. We ended the year on a good note with the Willis party from Maryland. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Dec 17,2013

    60th Annual Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament

    We had a blast fishing the 60th Annual Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament in Stuart. On Friday we ran south but no fish and had to run to the north and saw one Sail and got him. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Oct 30,2013

    Mahi and Tuna bite in Stuart

    Fun group from West Palm Beach had a fun day fishing on the Wet-n-Wild. They ended up with 8 Tuna's and 1 Mahi. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Oct 19,2013

    Fishing picking up in Stuart FL.

    Fishing the past few days have been good, both inshore and offshore.  Dolphin and Sailfish have been more plentiful the past week, a good bite has been reported south of the St. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Oct 17,2013


    The offshore fishing has been picking up over the past week, there has been a good bite in 80-180 ft, both North and South of the inlet.  Cover ground while trolling skirted ballyhoo with atleast a dredge and 1 squid chain for your best chances at Dolphin or Sailfish. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jul 13,2013

    7th Annual Reef Builders Tournament

    On Saturday Wet-n-Wild fished the Martin County 7th Annual Reef Builders Tournament. The anglers where Denise, Diane and Mike, with 1st mate Zach. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 22,2013

    Stuart tuna bite on the Wet-n-Wild

    We fished a small local tournament on Saturday and the fishing was a little slow for everyone. It was a meat fish tournament and we did not catch the biggest fish but managed to catch the most, landing 6 Blackfin Tunas. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 15,2013

    Bahama's tuna trip

    On Saturday the Wet-n-Wild left the dock at 5 am headed for the corner in the Bahamas. They ran 90 miles looking for a nice body of water that was there on Thursday but it was gone. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jun 06,2013

    Charter boat fishing in Stuart still yeilds good Mahi fishing

    Weather was not or friend today but the fishing was good in  300' of water off on the Treausure Coast. With heavy rain and wind in the forcast the crew of the Wet-n-Wild managed to get 7 nice Mahi's the largest being 30lbs. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 21,2013

    Sailfish surprise at the end of the day in Stuart Florida

    On Saturday I was back at the helm with Zach in the cockpit for a 3/4 day fishing trip. The day started out with beautiful weather. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 20,2013

    Stuart Sailfish Regatta VIP party

    We had the pleasure of going to the race party on Friday night to meet all the drivers and met team #55 from Morehead City. We had a blast looking at there awesome boat and even got to sit in it. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 19,2013

    Stuart Regatta Races

    Here are some shots from the WnW watching the event makers prepare for the exciting boat races this weekend.  While we watch for any marine life that could be harmed by the racing boats. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 13,2013

    Sail Fish Charters are still biting here in Stuart

    Wet-n-Wild fished on Saturday on a 1/2 day charter. The entire fleet had slow fishing but we managed to get 3 Bonito's and a Sail fish. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 11,2013

    Update on Mahi fishing in Stuart Florida

    Got Mahi !!!! Mahi fishing continues to be great here on the Treasure Coast. Wet-n-Wild ran trips on 4/6/13 4/8/13 and 4/11/13. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 04,2013

    Great Dolphin fishing in Stuart Florida

    On Thursday we had a 1/2 fishing trip. It started slow but action picked up at the end. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Apr 04,2013

    Fishing continues to be good on the Treasure Coast !!!!

    On Tuesdays full day charter the Wet-n-Wild caught 2 Wahoo's and 6 Mahi's. The full day trip on Wednesday was pleased to go 1 for 2 on Sailfish and also got 9 Mahi. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Mar 28,2013

    Hot Mahi bite in Stuart Fl.

    Wet-n-Wild has been fish this week . On Saturday we caught 2 Wahoo and a couple of Mahi. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Mar 02,2013

    Fish for Dinner

    We had the pleaure of fishing two charters out of Stuart, Fl, one on Friday and one on Saturday.  Friday's one person charter has hunted and fished all over the world. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 24,2013

    1/2 day Spanish Mackerel trip

    On Sunday we where able to meet two great families from Nantucket. We decided to fish in the afternoon so we left the dock at 12:00. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 22,2013

    Bahamas trip

    On February 20th, we left the Treausure Coast for Grand Cay Bahamas. On the trip over we saw a bamboo float and stop to fish. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 09,2013

    And then there was one

    Today we had a great group of friends on the Wet-n-Wild fishing. The morning started off by getting some live bait then off to the fishing grounds. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 05,2013

    Stuart, Florida 1/2 day trip

    Today fishing was a little slow but we made the best of it. We had three bites and caught two Mahi's. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 03,2013

    Part 2 of the Johnson charter

    Today we had the pleasure of taking the 2nd half of the Johnson charter. On Friday we had a two boat charter but the other boat had some mechanical issues and we where able to take the guys today. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Feb 01,2013

    Kelly/Johnson Treasure Coast Charter

    The Kelly charter had an exciting morning aboard the Wet-n-Wild. Going two for two on Sails, one Mahi and Bonita. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 22,2013

    Stuart, FL Good times with good friends

    On Thurday we took our friends from Philly fishing Don and Ryan Mahoney. Don ran the boat while I mated. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 20,2013

    Stuart, FL nice Mahi's

    Not bad fishing for a 1/2 day charter. Today we fished out of St Lucie Inlet and got two Mahi's, jumped a Sail off and saw two more. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 19,2013

    We catch birds in Stuart, FL.

    Great charter with friends today thought the bite was slow we had a unique cfatch. And then there was a Mahi. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 12,2013

    Stuart, FL a litle rough but still manage to gt few fish

    Fishing was slow in the morning but picked up in the afternoon. We got a Mahi, several Bonitos and had a shoptalk at a wolf pack of Sails but did not hook any. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 08,2013

    Huge Saifish in Stuart FL

    Wow what a day for big Sails. We fished to the north on a full day charter with Flint and his friends. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Jan 08,2013

    Nice birthday present in Stuart, FL

    What a beautiful morning for my charter Pat Gonelli and friends. Pat was celebrating his 70th birthday so we managed to catch him and his son  Sailfish at the same time a double headed. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Dec 30,2012

    Stuart Sail fishing 12/30/2012

    We have had a nice week of fishing here in Stuart Florida. On Christmas day we went 2 for 2 on Sail fish and got a few Mahi's. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Dec 04,2012

    Hot sailfish bite off of Stuart, FL

    Fishing continues to be good here off of Stuart Florida. Sailfish, Mahi and black fin tuna bite has increased over the last few days. Read more >>
  • Fishing Report

    Nov 27,2012

    We are headed to Stuart, FL

    The Wet-N-Wild is headed to Start, FL for the winter! We will be fishing out of the sailfish captail. Book your charter today to get in on the action!. Read more >>

For a day filled with adventure and excitement we invite you to come aboard the Wet-n-Wild where Owner/Captain Tony Ross and crew will provide an experience that will keep you coming back again for more!  We invite you to feel at home on the Wet-n-Wild while catching plenty of fish.  The well equiped 54' sportfishing boat can put you on the Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, and Sailfish.  Captain Tony and crew will do there best to help you land them.  If fishing for Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, or King Mackerel we do offer half day in-shore trips.  His fishing experience spans the Crystal Coast waters of NC which includes Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Morehead City, Emerald Isle, and Pine Knoll Shores to the Treasure Coast of FL which includes Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Manatee Pocket, and Jupiter.

Captain Tony's philosphy is "it's all about you - the charter."  It is his intention to provide you with the boating experience you desire whether that's an action packed day of fishing or a relaxing time cruising on the water.  He also appreciates feedback on how he can provide a better charter experience.


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